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Our Story

When Peter Brinkeby first moved to Mexico he loved the country, with fantastic culture, people, food, oceans and mountains and lots of sunshine. But Swedish born Peter felt there was something missing –a good bread culture! Peter started baking at home, following his grandmothers traditions from Scandinavia. To be honest, the first results weren’t that great, but little by little he improved the look, texture and taste of the products until he obtained what our bread is today!

In 2011 he converted his back yard patio to a 1.5 person bakery (It was only 12 square meters).

First he was selling bread to markets and restaurants and to the occasional customer that would find the remote but picturesque little bakery in Monte Coxala. It didn’t take long until the workload got overwhelming and he hired Josue Arredondo, a local pizza baker from Jocotepec. 

But the tiny place got too small and they moved the bakery to West Ajijic. It felt gigantic in the beginning. Customers could now find the duo and the sales increased. Then it was called “Peter Panaderia”. More help was hired and pretty soon, that location was also outgrown.


They moved to the current location in 2015 due to the accessibility, parking space and nighttime security. Now they could also sell coffee, drinks and open a bistro. The name changed to “Panaderia Scandinavia” due to trademarking concerns. At the same time, Josue became the manager and shareholder.


The goal has always been to replicate the best of the bakeries from Scandinavia and Europe and to continue to evolve the products. The goal is not reached, it’s only the beginning.


All of our products are freshly made and baked every day. We like to start early, 4:00am, to have your goods ready for the day.


We use only high quality ingredients and work with local products as much as possible. 

Have a look at our menu! 

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